Lot of stuff to get to tonight.

7:00 I'll be talking with Dana Pearson with Keaton Raphael Memorial about St. Baldricks, which does great stuff raising money for Children's Cancer Research, and next week...........I'll be shaving head.

8:00 hour I'll be politely debating and not at all fighting with the author of the book "Men are Pigs."  I'm sure it will be a well thought out and reasonable chit chat that won't end in fisticuffs and/or name calling.

9:00 Movie reviews with Ken Jackman


Something else, Stephen Wilson sent me this photo of him and his truck, and I thought, how many other truckers do I have listening in?  Shoot me a pic of you and your big rig and we'll put together a gallery.

Also, Kitty accidentally said Bob Denver instead of John Denver during a story today, and I challenged myself to find Bob Denver singing something........and found this: