Hey there!  How are you.  How's your folks?  Gosh, I'm sorry, I had no idea.

Well if you ever need someone to talk to............my show's on Mon-Fri 7-10p.

That said, I know you've probably already seen this, but I can't stop watching it.

The infamous Hillary Clinton gets a shoe thrown at her in Las Vegas.

While I know you might think of GW Bush..........others can only think Austin Powers:


Then the other thing that caught my eye was this young gal.  She's 20,000 clams richer, and you'll never guess why.  If your mind drifts to something dirtier.......well, you're a bad person.  Click here to find out the real story.  It involves a diamond.


You know what's a bummer.  You're getting interviewed about high crime....and then someone tries to rob you:


 I like pranks.  I like reverse pranks.  Jeff Gordon reverse pranks the *&()*#&@ out of this critic.


Heck, you know when you're playin' on Youtube and then.........well six hours later you still are?  Here's more fast cars'n drivin'

Finally here are some more pics from last night!