Hi ho there you person with interests and beliefs, I have a bit of an odd question to ask you.

What's that?  What's on the show tonight?  Oh, my bad.  Of course.

- We'll talk about the Christian woman condemned to death (I like to keep things light)

- We'll talk about the hero cat (the one that saved the boy from the dog, you MUST have seen the video on Facebook 1,000 times over the past two days).  Yeah, it'll be throwing on the first pitch in Bakersfield on Tuesday.

- We'll also talk about..........would you live in this house?


- Finally.  What the heck is this?  I took this video yesterday on my porch.  Is it a baby snake?  An alien?  Some form of land eel?  *shudder*

In case the above video doesn't work.........I posted it on Facebook took, check it out: