Chef Kurt Spataro and Emily Bay Michaels Sacramento Midtown Business Association discuss Sacratomato Festival

Caprese Salad

Cherry Tomato Pizza

The vibrant and engaging restaurants, bars and nightclubs located in the Sutter District in Midtown Sacramento are proud to present the first-ever “Sacratomato Week” happening July 21-27, 2014! As part of this inaugural effort, the fun, lively and eclectic group of Sutter District eateries and watering holes will celebrate Sacramento’s signature commodity -- the tomato! -- with creative menu options, drink specials and more.

The greater Sacramento community is invited to stroll through the Sutter District all week long visiting the local restaurants, bars and nightclubs to order and enjoy tomato-themed edibles and beverages bursting with the farm-fresh flavors that flourish in our agriculture-rich region. And, after this initial year, “Sacratomato Week” will also include a family-friendly festival as a finale to the special week-long celebration in July 2015. Mark your calendar to savor and support “Sacratomato Week” in the Sutter District in Midtown Sacramento!