Sac State Faculty: Minority Students Suffer from Budget Cuts

A group of California State University teachers say their students suffer because the state doesn't put enough money into the CSU system.

The members of the California Faculty Association say their study also shows as the percentage of minority students at CSUs has increased, the amount of funding per student has decreased from more than $11,600 since 1985, adjusting for inflation, to just shy of $6,900.

The group acknowledges that the decrease affects white students the same as minority students, and they say it was most likely not a conscious action by state leaders as they focus on the budget year-by-year.

"...students suffer because the state doesn't put enough money into the CSU system," Sac State Faculty.

They say this year's budget alone will leave them more than $180 million dollars short of what they need, so among their requests are a long-term plan to restore CSU funding to previous levels with the goal of a free education.

The budget proposal just released by Governor Jerry Brown shows a slight increase in funding for the CSU to nearly $6.7 billion.  In the Governor's budget summary, he says that those increases hinge on the University's progress toward what he calls 'more sustainable practices' that 'recognize strong fiscal stewardship'.


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