Bay Area Tech Firm Sets Up Shot in Sacramento

Another Bay Area tech company says it'll open up some space in Sacramento and bring local jobs with it.

The company is Fantag, created by a former sports video expert who worked for the San Jose Sharks, which that allows you to take video of any event and then hit a button to "tag" those moments that are important to you - like a great play your kids make - and to see other users' perspectives on it as well.

Fantag co-founder, Brian Dombrowski, says he picked Sacramento after a year of coming here.  "Everywhere I turn," Dombrowski says, "there's people who are really supportive, and love the idea, and have been making things happen for my company.  That's really why I chose to make the move.  It just made so much sense."

Photo by Ryan Harris, KFBK

Fantag will move into space at I\O Labs at 10th and "J" Streets, where people can come to learn about how to improve their business skills, connect with other entrepreneurs in the same position as they are and even make use of workspace in the facility

Dombrowski expects to create 10 to 15 jobs in the first year, mostly tech and marketing with the hope of more in the near future.



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