Northern CA Cleaning Up After Latest Storm

California is still dealing with the mess created by Wednesday's windy storm.   That includes power outages in the Sacramento region.  Over 7,500 customers were still without power as of this report, according to Sacramento Municipal Utility District officials.  As of this report, lights are out for Pacific Gas and Electric customers in West Sacramento, Davis and Walnut Grove.  Extra work crews are being called in to fix the problem.  At one point 200 power lines were down.  More that 50,000 customers in the dark.

63 mph wind gusts have been recorded Sacramento International Airport.  Winds of 59 mph were recorded in Fair Oaks, 56 mph at McClellan Park.  

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The outages have been concentrated in areas with older trees, like Land Park, East Sacramento, Arden and Florin.  Bob Burns at SMUD says the storm was stronger than expected.  "The difference with this storm and some others is the number of outages we had," he noted.  "They were spread out, so it's much more difficult to get people up when it's not one specific outage."

More wind is expected with storms forecast to hit California over the 24 to 48 hours.


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