Sacramento Elementary School Seeks Name Change

Kit Carson School Vice Principal Rich Haley who serves on the committee charged with bringing recommendations to the Sacramento City Unified School District says that group is now gathering input from the community on a new name for the school.  "We want to know what the community wants – whether we should adopt a totally new name or only tweak the name by dropping the middle school designation," Haley also noted.

Kit Carson has served as a middle school for grades 7 and 8 but started expanding to include other grades in 2014.   Given how the school has evolved from a "neighborhood" school to a campus that accepts students from communities outside its immediate East Sacramento community the name change seems appropriate, according to Haley.

"We want to know what the community wants."  Kit Carson Vice Principal Rich Haley

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Kit Carson is evolving and changing, but it retains a strong respect for the traditions of a school that was constructed in 1933," Haley says. "We still honor the school's 'Pioneer' traditions, even as we begin new traditions and carve out a new path for our students."

Haley is urging the community to submit their suggestions as soon as possible. He adds that the committee expects to review community suggestions by mid-February and submit recommendations to the Board of Education in March.

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