University of CA Report: 10 Reasons to Avoid Vaping

Research done by the University of California reportedly shows that e-cigarettes seem to be leading the next generation into a nicotine addiction that could lead to a cigarette habit down the road.  In a new report just released by Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, he writes that e-cigarette use is "a major public health concern."

"All Americans need to know that e-cigarettes are dangerous to youth and young adults," wrote Murthy.  "Any tobacco use, including e-cigarettes, is a health threat, particularly to young people."The devices used for vaping come with names Smurf Cake and Unicorn Puke.  They also come in flavors like strawberry.  Experts say that is done in an effort to attract younger people to the battery-powered devices which heat a liquid that usually contains nicotine and pump out the mixture in an aerosol form.

The UC researchers caution that e-cigarettes contain nicotine, users expose themselves and others to a toxic blend of chemicals in vapor form, the flavoring used in e-cigarette mixtures can be harmful to your health, the liquids used in e-cigarettes are poisonous if swallowed, batteries for e-cigarettes have been known to explode in some cases, e-cigarettes are not an effective tool to quit smoking, California has made it illegal to sell tobacco products of any kind to anyone under the age of 21, you pay a tax on e-cigarettes in California, and all the health risks associated with vaping are not fully understood yet.

Take a look at the full report by clicking here.


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