PG&E Still Dealing With Natural Gas Issues in Folsom

As many as 75 Pacific Gas and Electric crews were still in Folsom Thursday checking for natural gas leaks.  This comes in response to what the utility is calling an "over pressurization event."  That is when too much natural gas is pushed through a pipeline.  The trouble was discovered just before 9:30 on Wednesday night.

PG&E did confirm there are natural gas leaks, but they did not specify where those leaks are located, and there have been no evacuations.  However, PG&E spokeswoman Brandi Merlo said residents have been warned.

Merlo could not say how dangerous this might be right now, but energy industry consultant Jesus Arredondo told KFBK that there were several over pressurization events before the deadly 2010 natural gas explosion in the Bay Area city of San Bruno.


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