Protesters Picket Sacto Bar Over Women's March Remarks

The controversy surrounding a local brewery owner over his Facebook post about the recent Women's March event is not going away just yet .

It all started when the 12 Rounds Brewing Company Owner, Daniel Murphy, took to social media to express his disapproval of the march.  Since his remarks there have been threats of boycott, and even loss of investors.

Thursday, as promised, protesters gathered outside the brewery, though the turnout was perhaps only about a dozen people.  That protest organized by the group "Love is Love."

Photograph by Andrew Graham, KFBK

"Sacramento is not the place for hate speech," said protest organizer Beverly Kearney.  She added that their message is simple, "Everybody is entitled to free speech, but hate speech is another thing."

Inside the brewery several customers were showing support for 12 Rounds.  One man said he discovered the brewery because of the publicity over the Facebook comments.

Photograph by Andrew Graham, KFBK

Murphy has issued an apology on the company Facebook page, but the protesters said it was not genuine. 

Murphy was not at the brewery on Thursday when the protesters arrived.  His wife and 12 Rounds co-owner, Elle Murphy, declined to talk to the media.


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