Update: PG&E Scours Folsom For Gas Leaks

Pacific Gas and Electric Company officials say they were alerted to a potential problem in Folsom when gas pressure rose in a regulator, but workers were able to lower it right away.  However, that prompted a large response with dozens of crews that can do leak detection and repair.   Even the Picaro leak detection vehicles that can sniff out gas were brought to scour for leaks, so those crews have an idea of where to do further checks.

Photograph by Ryan Harris, KFBK.

A situation like this has us and a lot of others asking if this could potentially lead to something like the 2010 San Bruno explosion.  Eight people died in that explosion which also leveled a neighborhood.

But PG & E's Brandi Merlo says the difference between the high pressure transmission line in San Bruno to these much lower pressure systems in Folsom is like comparing highways to side streets.

So far, crews have found more than a dozen leaks.  Most of those leaks have been repaired at this point with the rest under repair.

P.G. and E. is asking that you call them if you smell gas.  The number to call is 1-800-743-5000.

Crews will working through the night into Friday, and KFBK will continue to keep you informed with the latest on the situation.



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