Trump Muslim Order Prompts More Sac Airport Protests

Sunday dozens of protestors at Sacramento International Airport waved signs and chanted their opposition to President Trump’s executive order to restrict entry into the United States by people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The order prompted protests throughout the weekend after immigrants and refugees were reportedly not allowed on planes and became stranded in airports around the country.

A protestor at Sacramento International who identified herself only as "Debbie" said, "I need people outside the United States to know that there are people who support them and people here to know we won't stand for this, and I want my Congress people to fight this ban."

A woman protesting President Trump's order to ban Muslim immigrants and refugees from Syria and six other countries chose to dress as the Lady Liberty to demonstrate America's history of immigration.

Photo by Joe Michaels, KFBK

President Trump's executive order places a four-month hold on issuance of document allowing refugees into the United States and band people from traveling to the United States from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

A federal judge in New York, granted a temporary reprieve after the American Civil Liberties Union successfully challenged the president's action in court, but the Department of Homeland Security has since issued a statement claiming the order in affect.

Photo by Joe Michaels, KFBK


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