A New Kind of Home for the Homeless of Sacto


The "Micro PAD" or "Pre-fabricated Affordable Dwelling" is a 160 square-foot unit with a bed, a kitchenette, closets, a work and entertainment area and a full bathroom - that can be delivered and connected together with water, electricity and other utilities for less money than standard construction.

They're being looked at as a less-expensive way to create housing for Sacramento's homeless people because they can provide safe expansion of the city's existing shelter space so quickly that Councilman Jeff Harris says they hope to have a Micro PAD building ready later this year.

Harris says it's a matter of putting all the pieces together, finding the money to pay for them, job training, mental health ,addiction and other services.

Several homeless people have checked out the model on display outside Sacramento City Hall, and they left enthusiastic and hopeful that these little spaces will make a huge difference for their future.


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