Sponsor Pays for Sacto Shelter Dog Adoptions

If you have been considering adding a dog to your family, now is a good time to check out the selection at Sacramento's Bradshaw Animal Shelter.

Three years ago, a woman - who chooses to remain anonymous - adopted a nine-year-old chocolate lab.  Even though the animal only had 1,056 days of life left before she passed away earlier this year, her new owner wouldn't change a single day with Gracie to go back and adopt a younger dog.  "To memorialize her relationship with that dog, she decided that she wanted to donated $1,056 to sponsor adoptions of older dogs at our shelter," said the Bradshaw Shelter's Janna Haynes.

Haynes also said the donation will fully cover the adoption of about 40 dogs who are at least two years old - pointing out advantages of adopting an older dog. "They're more often than not house trained, potty trained," Haynes said of the older dogs. "They're not going to get into as much mischief as a younger might."

Sponsored fees cover spaying and neutering, a microchip, vaccination and a year of licensing.


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