Cosumnes River Flooding Possible With Latest Storm

The American and Sacramento Rivers running high with outflows from Folsom increased this week to make room for runoff, but no where near flood stage.  Officials and people living nearby say it is the Cosumnes River that we want to keep a close eye on.

"We figure it'll go up to flood stage and come back down tomorrow," said Matt Robinson with the California Department of Water Resources.  "On Friday it'll rise back up again, how high we're not sure."  That, according to Robinson, will depend on the Thursday storm.

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DWR has described the levees in the Wilton and South Sacramento areas as having been beat up this year, so officials will be keeping a close watch for boils and breaks this week.  "We have sandbags at the ready," noted Robinson.  He said messages have sent out to residents, "you know, you might want to have sandbags ready just in case (there is flooding)."

The Wilton Fire Station is just one location where sand and sandbags are available.  You will find other locations by clicking here.

Several county roads have been closed in the Sacramento region due to flooding.  For real time road closure information, just click here.

Park closures can be tracked by clicking here.


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