Early Morning Sacto Car Chase Ends Peacefully

Sacramento police officers say they tried to stop an SUV in the downtown area near Sunbeam and Richards Boulevard on just before 3:30 a.m. Thursday, but the unidentified driver refused to stop.  A lengthy chase began and reached speeds of 40 to 70 miles-per-hour.

Sacramento police officers say they became involved in sometimes high-speed chase with the suspect pictured above.  The pursuit ended peacefully without anyone getting hurt.

Photo by Robert Petersen

That pursuit eventually came to an end in the middle of intersection at West El Camino and Northgate Boulevard.  However, a police spokesman says the suspect refused to get out of the SUV and was involved in a standoff with officers for a short time.  During that time he was talking with officers and also talking to someone on his cell phone.  He eventually surrendered peacefully.

It is thought the man was upset over a troubled relationship with an ex-girlfriend.  Police will charge the man reckless driving and failure to stop, but they may charge him with another crime after completing a background check.


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