Heavy Rains Cause Problems With Some El Dorado County Roads

Sinkholes and slipping roads are just some of the problems all this rain has caused in the hills and mountains around our area.

We've gone from bone dry to over-saturated ground because of the steady stream of storms, and that causes problems you might expect like mud or rock slides.

Those are dangerous enough, but El Dorado County spokesman, Creighton Avila, says they also have to deal with erosion underneath roads.  "You'll have culvert issues where water is running, and then you'll have sinkholes because of that" Avila says, "We have other issues where roads are slipping.  What does that mean when roads are slipping?  You'll have some sort of ravine, and the road is slipping down due to water issues.

Up in the Tahoe Basin part of the County, they also have piles of snow that not only needs to be moved off the roads but then needs to be cleared out from storm drains or you get what happened in Truckee this week, where it acts like snow levees and floods streets with rain water.

Avila says crews have worked 24-hours a day since December, some in areas where they anticipate problems and want to get ahead of them and others they just have to take as they come.

El Dorado County also has an interactive road map, which tells you where all the trouble spots are.  Click on the map below for the latest conditions.


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