Flood Risk at Sacto County's Rio Consumnes Jail

According to a spokesman for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, officials are monitoring the flood waters in the area around the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center (RCCC) in Elk Grove.  Sergeant Tony Turnbull also said that with the anticipation of the rising flood waters in and around the area over the next couple of days, they will continue to assess the need to transport inmates out of the facility for various reasons.

In a written statement the Sheriff's Department claims there is no threat at this time of flooding at the facility, but the routes of in and out may become limited. For that reason, the Sheriff’s Department staff will make consider moving inmates housed at RCCC if necessary for upcoming court hearings, medical needs, or any other safety concerns.

Photo courtesy Sacramento County Sheriff's Department

Turnbull said because there is a possibility that some or all of the inmates might have to be transported from RCCC to the Main Jail, social visits for inmates at both facilities will be suspended until further notice.

To find out if an inmate has been transported out of the RCCC due flooding or others reasons, just click here.


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