NorCal Man is Plucked From Rushing Water In Dramatic Rescue

81-year-old Rodger McMurtry is alive today do to some help from above after he was nearly washed away in Indian Creek about 100 miles north of Truckee, California.  The Taylorsville resident’s life was endangered as he was swept from his car into the rushing water at the intersection of Highway 89 and Arlington Road on Friday afternoon.

After getting a 9-1-1 call at the Plumas County Sherriff’s Department dispatcher contacted the CalGuard’s Company C/2-135 MEDEVAC helicopter unit, which was assisting with an aerial reconnaissance due to flooding in nearby Greenville.  The helicopter was then diverted to assist McMurtry.


Chief Brandon Lynch, the pilot in command of the Blackhawk helicopter, said "It was vital the Plumas OES Director and Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator were on board to relay the 9-1-1 dispatch call and assist our crew in direct navigation to the victim."  Knowing exactly where to go ensured the quick recovery of McMurtry who was in over 6 feet deep turbulent water.

"I applaud the crew’s quick and decisive actions which resulted in the saving of a life," said Major General David Baldwin, the Adjutant General for the Cal Guard.  "Our partnership with city and county agencies will always ensure our communities are safe."


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