Tyler Island Evacuation Ordered Over Flood Concern

Residents of Tyler Island near Isleton were told to evacuate this afternoon due to possible levee failure.

Matt Robinson with the County Department of Water Resources says boulders are being placed in that hole in hopes of shoring up the damage before any water makes it's way through.Engineers believe they have an upper hand on the issue, however the road along the land side of the levee has started to disintegrate.

Photograph by Andrew Graham, KFBK

Tyler Island is mostly farmland with only 20 homes in the potential danger zone.Near by Walnut Grove is not being asked to evacuate, but they have been advised to take precautionary measures and be ready just in case.

For the latest information on the Tyler Island evacuation orders and the suspect levee, just click here.

The  Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services is monitoring the Tyler Island and Oroville Dam situations.  You can find them here.

The Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services is also available on Twitter


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