Legislator Proposes Law Ending High-Speed Rail, Finishing CA Water Project

Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) has submitted a bill to the California Legislature he claims which will redirect funding from the what he calls the "bungled California High Speed Rail" into projects designed to complete the California State Water Project, which was started but not completed by Governor Jerry Brown's father, Pat Brown, over 50 years ago.

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"For the last three years, Jerry Brown and the California Democrats have been more interested in telling Californians how to kill their lawns and calling for 'shower cops' than actually fixing our broken water system in California," said Allen.  "The failure of the Oroville Dam is yet another example of Jerry Brown’s malfeasance as Governor: trillions of gallons of water are now flowing into the Pacific Ocean due to his inaction and nearly 200,000 Californians have been forced to evacuate their homes."

"Jerry Brown should have taken a page out of his father's playbook and completed the State Water Project for the benefit of all Californians instead of squandering our hard-earned taxpayer dollars on boondoggles like high speed rail."


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