Millennials Look To Political Future

The newly formed, 11-member "Millennial Caucus" includes Assembly Majority Leader, Democrat Ian Calderon, who describes Millennials as "communal" and less focused on labels.  "Our generation isn't really in Democrat and Republican all time," says Calderon. "It's more like there's problems, so let's fix the problems instead of kicking the can down the road all the time."

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Visalia Assemblyman Devon Mathis is one of four Republicans in the group.  He says Millennials face issues that cross the aisle. "It doesn't matter if you're a Dem or Republican, jobs, housing, education, those are all issues that are bipartisan," according to Mathis. "So, for me it's trying to minimize the partisan breakdown, joining up together as Millennials to get the job done."

Members of the group also say that because they could be in their positions longer, they feel more comfortable hashing out the details rather than ramming bills through to beat the clock.


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