Police Start Search For Bikers Who Beat Bay Area Uber Driver

Police are looking for up to 15 men who pummeled an Uber driver to the ground after surrounding his vehicle with dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles on a San Francisco freeway earlier this week.

The brutal attack occurred just after 6:00 p.m. Wednesday in the southbound lanes of Highway 101 when a dark car drove in front of a white Toyota, stopping the driver as the group of bikers surrounded him.

Several witnesses shot video of the incident.  You can see on of the video below.

The newspaper reports that one video shows the Uber driver falling to the ground and tumbling as at least two bikers repeatedly punched and kicked him. Police say the bikers also vandalized the car.

It was unclear exactly how the fight started or ended, but some witnesses say they believe the Uber driver may have either accidentally cutoff or bumped into one of the bikers.



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