Judge Reduces Bail For Former Stockton Mayor Silva

Former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva has an easier path to getting out of jail today.  Silva's attorney successfully argued that his client is not a flight risk during a bail hearing this (Mon.) morning in San Joaquin County court.  The judge agreed and reduced the amount to $350,000.

Silva's bail had been set at $1,000,000 at the time of his arrest on several felony charges, including embezzlement, grand theft, misappropriation of public fund and money laundering.

An arrest warrant was issued for Silva while he was traveling out of the country, but he says he made plans to return immediately after learning of the charges against.

Investigators raided Silva's home and also at the Stockton Kids Club where Silva has been involved for several years.  They collected what has been described as financial records and other evidence to be used in the case.

Silva has insisted he is innocent since his arrest upon his return the U-S at San Francisco International Airport last week.


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