Lawmaker Wants CA Colleges To Provide Abortions

Colleges and Universities in California may soon provide abortion services to students.

The College Student Right To Access Act introduced this week by Senator Connie Leyva would require the so-called abortion pills to be available on every campus with a student health center. She says it's about access to choice.  "They can decide when they want to have a family," said Leyva.  "They may choose to keep a child and they may choose not to."

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Wynette Sills, Director of Californians For Life doesn't want her tax dollars going toward what she calls killing babies in the womb but points out the acknowlegement of the word family.  "From the moment that pregnancy test comes back positive that woman is a mother," according to Sills. "She is pregnant with a human being, a little boy or a little girl, and so a family is already started."

Senator Leyva says this is not about being pro abortion but providing access to what ever services may be needed. The bill will be considered in the senate this spring.


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