Making Parking Fines More Affordable

It might not be a big deal for you to pay off a $65 parking ticket if you make a minor mistake, but Palmdale Assemblyman and former Highway Patrol Sergeant Tom Lackey says for someone without a lot of extra money who might not be able to pay a ticket right away, those late fees rack up quickly.

"You get caught in a spiral," says Lackey. " That $65 fee is now a $500 fee and now the DMV is involved and you may lose your vehicle all over a parking violation."

And when the DMV is involved, it can block you from re-registering your car. Lackey's bill would require cities to allow you to get into a payment plan. 

Lackey explains that part of the problem he sees is cities that use parking and tickets as money-makers, citing the example of Sacramento's Golden One Center.

At the very least, cities shouldn't lose money, and they might even bring in a little more by making it easier for people to pay their fines.


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