New Health Care Bill's Effect on California

Some advocacy groups, including Health Access California, looked at how the nearly 900-billion-dollars that would be cut to Medicaid over the next 10 years would affect individual hospitals. They found that UC Davis Health would lose 72-million-dollars a year and Sutter Roseville would lose 84-million.

Edwin Park with the Center for Budget Policies and Priorities says unlike the sweeteners added to the bill to get it past the House, it's a different story in the Senate, where it'll go straight to the floor.

Anthony Wright, Director of Health Access California, says the bill wouldn't roll back the progress of the last five years, but of the last 50. 

Wright says the states would also have to make up any added, unpredictable costs.

The groups say the bill is less of a replacement of Obamacare, and more of a tax cut for drug and insurance companies.


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