Man Charged With South Land Park Murders In Court

The suspect in the quadruple murder of his family at a South Land Park home last week appeared in a Sacramento court on Monday. The brief arraignment hearing was postponed for Salvador Vasquez-Oliva, who is accusing of killing his wife, two children and a niece.

Defense attorney Linda Parisi asked for and received from Judge Richard K. Sueyoshi a continuation of the hearing to April 18 to review police reports shortly after the judge read the four murder charges against Vasquez-Olivaa.

Sacramento Defense Attorney Linda Parisi.  Photo by Joe Michaels, KFBK

The 56-year-old state worker entered the court amid high security. He wore a padded green vest, which is issued to inmates on mental health watch. He is charged with four counts of murder in the deaths of his wife, Angelique Vasquez, 45; her daughter, Mia Vasquez, 14; her son Alvin Vasquez, 11; and Vasquez's niece, Ashley Coleman, 21.

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Quadruple Homicide in South Land Park
Quadruple Homicide in South Land Park
Sacramento Police are investigating the death of four people in South Land Park


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