CA Top Educator Torlakson Talk Immigrant Safe Havens

A school that's designated as a "safe haven" for undocumented students and their families received a visit on Wednesday from the man responsible for all of California's schools.  Superintendent Tom Torlakson calls it "tragic" that the kids have to live in fear.

Tom Torlakson on Wednesday said students are confused and have deep anxiety about whether their parents will be there when they get home.  He claimed there is so much concern, educators they tell the families to have a plan for where the kids can go if their parents are deported while they're in school.

Photo courtesy Ryan Harris, KFBK

Torlakson also said the questions the students asked show they've done their homework and they're aware of what's happening, and he appreciates that they support diversity.

The superintendent said he is worried that cities and school districts might be punished by the Donald Trump administration, losing federal money for supporting policies like "safe haven."  That money, Torlakson said, is your tax money that should come back to California.

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