Black Lives Matter Demanding Answers From Rocklin PD

On Thursday Black Lives Matter Sacramento joined with relatives of a man shot and killed by Rocklin Police, and that family said the department has given them very little information about what happened leading up to the shooting.

Later in the day on Thursday the Placer County District Attorney's Office cleared the officers involved of any wrongdoing.  In a written statement it read that Cruz appeared to have a gun pointed at one of the officers and did not follow their orders to drop the gun, so they fired their guns at Cruz and killed him.

During the morning news conference outside the Rocklin Police Department headquarters Shari Cruz, who was 23-year-old Lorenzo Cruz's sister, said the family has received conflicting accounts of what happened that Saturday morning in February, when police say Cruz was trying to break into a house and pointed a pellet gun at them that appeared to be a real handgun.

Body cameras on the officers were not turned on before the shooting , and Rocklin Police Lieutenant Scott Horrillo says that is likely just a case of human error.

Cruz's family said they want but have not received his personal property, including a phone they believe has messages from a girlfriend.  They also claim they not gotten reports and evidence from the investigation, which Horrillo said is not yet complete.

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