Flashback: Ryan Harris Goes Airborne In B-17 Bomber

The B-17 Bomber is described as the "backbone of the bombing war in Europe,"which is no surprise considering they'd fly in groups of 500 to 600 planes and level any target they were trying to hit.

The B-17 that's now at the Yuba County Airport is operated by the Experimental Aircraft Association of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and though it didn't fly any missions during World War Two because it was delivered by Boeing just a couple of days after V-E Day, the aircraft has seen its share of work from mapping southeast Asia to delivering food.

The E-A-A's Mike DiGangi said it carried a crew of 9 or 10 - most of whom were younger than 25 years old.

If you want to take a flight on this B-17, remember it's very tight quarters, but you'll find it at the Yuba County Airport in Olivehurst this weekend.

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