Congressman McClintock Meets Angry Voters At Town Hall

U.S. Congressman Tom McClintock faced a less-than-welcoming crowd at Saturday's town hall meeting in Loomis.  The 4th district Republican was roundly booed on numerous occasions and, dozens of constituents walked out of the Del Oro High School Gymnasium when McClintock deflected a question about Russian election interference with a response about Susan Rice.

"I kind of get a kick out of them," said McClintock in reference to protestors at a Saturday town hall.

McClintock said he's definitely planning to run for re-election, even as he got an earful of negative response at town hall meetings.

"I kind of get a kick out of them," said McClintock. "You do get to hear different opinions.  I think it makes me a better representative to take those concerns into account."

As McClintock touted what he says is his 105th town hall as a Congressman, a large number of those in attendance said it was nothing more than another case of the Congressman refusing to answer questions with anything more than canned replies.

Prior to McClintock's arrival at Del Oro High School members of the crowd sang patriotic songs and waved American flags, but some also carried signs in protest of President Trump and alleged connections between his administration and the Russian government.

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