Sacto Police Officer On Leave During Excessive Force Investigation

Cell phone video captures a Sacramento Police officer as he tackles and then repeatedly punches a man in the face.  The altercation came after the officer said he tried to stop the man for  jaywalking.  Officials with the Sacramento Police Department and Mayor Darrell Steinberg said today they find the video "disturbing." 

That video shows the officer and the man, has been identified as Nandi Cain, standing in a street in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood, then Cain takes off his jacket before the officer then takes him down.  Cain appears not to physically resist after the officer has him subdued, but does seem to continue to shout at the officer.

Sacramento Police Sergeant Bryce Heinlein said the video seems to speak for itself and shows actions considered "unacceptable conduct" by an officer.

Heinlein said the officer is on paid leave while his handling of the incident is investigated.  That investigation may lead to a criminal charge, according to Heinlein.

Sacramento Black Lives Matter announced a protest would take place outside police headquarters at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

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