State Water Officials: More Oroville Dam Info Coming

Following the uproar over a denied public records request Department of Water Resources Director Bill Croyle said Thursday that they are committed to releasing as much information as they can, so that we all understand what caused the failures of the two spillways at Oroville Dam.  However, he said that they first need to determine which records are considered a security risk for Critical Energy Electrical Infrastructure. "Part of that is making sure that what we're looking at deeming C.E.I.I. is and should be," said Croyle. "So the other information in those reports, we're committed to push out."

Croyle said getting information out is why they hold regular briefings and will host community meetings.

As for when construction on the damaged spillway might begin, contractor bids will be reviewed this weekend to include the one chosen in the completion of the design process and give them time to set up so work can start as soon as they can stop spillway releases.

The main spillway is scheduled to be reopened Friday at 9:00 a.m. for what the DWR says will be a 10 to 14 day water release.  That will allow them to shut down part of the Hyatt Power Plant to continue work on reconnecting it to the power grid.

California DWR On Future Of Oroville Dam
California DWR On Future Of Oroville Dam
Officials address the issue of repair the dam's damaged spillways prior to next winter.

The DWR issued a statement last week regarding review of plans for repairing the damaged spillways at Oroville Dam.  Read the full statement by clicking here.


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