Man Reunited With Missing Dog

Rosemary the chihuahua mix was as thrilled to see Alec Nygard as he was to see her after several days apart. He feared that the family that adopted her from Sacramento County's Bradshaw Animal Shelter would not give her back. 

Shelter Director David Dickinson says they just can't keep animals turned into them for more than 72 hours. 

"Shelters across the nation are faced with overcrowding because of all the animals that come into our animals as strays, so we can't keep them any longer," says Dickinson. "If animals do have I.D. on them, we keep them for a full ten days."

Despite a battle and claims of rude and irate behavior from both Nygard and the shelter workers, in the end, Nygard says he's just happy to have Rosemary home.

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