Capitol Dialysis Rally Calls For Safer and Cleaner Conditions

Dozens of kidney dialysis clinic workers came to the State Capitol on Tuesday, some in support of a bill to require new minimum staff levels at clinics, and others to say the rules would create new dangers for patients. 

Dialysis nurses and techs, like Emerson Padua from Riverside County, said the priority when they started their careers was on patient care, but Padua noted that now they are under pressure to hustle patients through treatments.

Padua said that rush often means equipment isn't cleaned properly, which can lead to infections that can kill patients.

Daniel Radtke, a San Bernardino County dialysis nurse, added with rules so strict, if someone calls in sick or takes a vacation, it could put them in a bind.

Radtke said he does not know where the other side gets their claims more dialysis patients are getting sick or dying when he insisted infection and mortality rates in California are going down.

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