Teens Using Code In Texts. Do You Know What It Means?

Parents may want to listen up.  There is a new generation of text messaging you kids may using, but understanding the codes they using could be difficult, since they are different from most anything you are used to seeing.  

For example, would you know that the code "53X" in a text message means "sex?"  "MOS translates to the warning "mom over the shoulder," GYPO is code for "get your pants off," and LMIRL means "let’s meet in real life."

Tech Reporter Brian Westbrook said parents need to do their homework. "(This is a) great reminder for parents attention to pay attention to what their kids are saying, and what channels and what social media apps they're using," according to Westbrook.

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Parents should also note that there are apps which will hide your child's messages and discrete photos.   Watch Out for "WTTP."  That is code for "want to trade photos?"

But parents are warned to be vigilant.  Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15 to 34-year-olds.  There is an app created by a company called BARK that monitors sites and services for red flag words.

Below is the most recent list of texting codes identified by BARK.

53X = sneaky way to type "sex"

KMS = kill myselfLH6 = let’s have sex

KYS =  kill yourself

MOS = mom over the shoulder

POS = parent over shoulder

CD9 = code 9, parents around

GNOC = get naked on camera

.99 = parents are gone

WTTP = want to trade photos?

LMIRL = let’s meet in real life

1174 = meet at a party spot

IWSN = I want sex now

CU46 =  see you for sex

FWB = friends with benefits

ADR = what’s your address

MPFB = my personal f*** buddy

PAL= parents are listening

TWD = texting while driving

GYPO = get your pants off

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