"Making Your Mark" Contest To Reward Unique Sacto Businesses

Micro-Manufactures might be a small coffee roasting company or specialized maker of pipes and valves.  According to the Power Inn Alliance's Executive Director Tracey Schaal, "you hear it time and time again, where someone has a few fantastic products."

Schaal said the Power Inn Alliance is offering those entrepeneuers on the edge a chance to take their business to the next level.  "They just need the additional expertise in terms of business coaching," noted Schaal. "How do you present your project to the venture capitol world."

The contest is called "Making Your Mark."   The prize package is worth more than 50-thousand dollars.  Everything from free legal advice to business coaching to discounted or even free manufacturing space."The region is going to be pleasantly surprised at the types of products that are currently being manufactured," said Schaal.

Click here to find out more about the Making Your Mark contest and to get an application.

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