City and Verizon Team Up to Advance Sacramento as Tech City

Major upgrades might soon come to the systems that help keep you connected. 

That agreement with Verizon would bring $100 million or more in investments in the city - everything from fiber and cellular upgrades and additions to the hiring of hundreds of students to help promote careers in science and technology.

Verizon's Lani Ingram says the plan includes more help to get neighborhoods better connected with free wi-fi in 27 of Sacramento's public parks.

"We want students to be able to come out here and do their research and their papers and send out their homework," Ingram says, "And parents can come in have access to information, to facilities that may not always be available to everyone."

The agreement also includes plans for more than a dozen digital kiosks around town with access to a variety of information about the city as well as technology to help improve traffic flow and safety.

The City Council is set to vote on the agreement at Tuesday's meeting.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg

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