13th Annual Kaiser Permanente Women's Festival

Wives, mothers, daughters, partners and friends are all taking a step in the direction of good health at the 3th Annual Kaiser Permanente Women’s Fitness Festival this Sunday in downtown Sacramento.

Taking place once a year in downtown, this festival offers a post-race breakfast, mimosa garden, on-site store and over 30 fitness-related vendors. 

Dusty Robinson with Fleet Feet Sacramento says you can be a beginner looking to get moving or more experienced looking to get faster and stronger.

"We are celebrating taking control of the health-aspect of your life," says Robinson. "Or even expanding it." 

Last year they added the Girls' Princess 1/2 mile run for girls ages 12 and under.

Robinson says the mission is to get the community fit, active and moving.

"Sacramento is so lucky. We have such an amazing running community and we want to expose as many people as we can to it."

As of this morning, there are 250 spots left so there is still time to sign up.

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