Roseville Officer Laid To Rest

Hundreds of police officers and other first responders joined a community saddened by the death of a much-loved police officer who was laid to rest on Monday. 

Bobby Seich had only been a cop in Roseville for a few years, but it was long enough to make an impact on people like the veteran and son of a former San Francisco Police officer, who Police Chief Daniel Hahn says called them when he wanted to take his own life.  "Bobby shared his story of his family and of his cancer and of his fight," Hahn said.  "This guy said that story and his compassion that he showed him that day literally changed his life, and he said Bobby was a hero to him."

Photo by Ryan Harris, KFBK

Hahn says Seich's death from brain cancer is a huge loss for a huge extended family.  Chief Hahn said, "I can't say I've ever lost somebody like this, so I imagine it's just like anybody else losing somebody that's that special.  So we'll miss him, but he'll live on in all of us.  We'll all think of him when we're going through tough times and think, 'How would Bobby handle it?'"

The Chief also promises he and his department will be there for Seich's young son and family and that his compassion and courage will live on.

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