Prime Minister Of Fiji At Sacto Climate Change Event

In advance of the upcoming United Nations climate change conference, California Governor Jerry Brown is being given an important role in the ever-growing coalition of sub-national leaders committed to advance action on climate change.  Among those leaders is the Prime Minister of Fiji, Frank Bainimarama.

During a lunchtime ceremony at the Governor's Mansion on Tuesday, Bainimarama named Governor Brown a Special Advisor in the Under2 Coalition.  "In this role I will lean on Governor Brown to continue the great leadership he has demonstrated time, and time again, to mobilize the strong contingent of the like-minded leaders from around the world to show the world that we mean business," the prime minister proclaimed.  He got a enthusiastic response when asking Brown, " Governor, are you with me?"

Photo by Joe Michaels, KFBK

Governor Brown said he is pleased with the number of cities, states and countries that are working together on the climate change project.  "This is a common threat, and therefore a common theme is to mobilize against the ravages of our changing climate."

California is among the initial founders of the Under2 coalition which aims to limit an increase in the average global temperature.

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