Sacramento Zoo Announces Plans for Major Upgrade

Saturday marks the Sacramento Zoo's 90th Birthday. While officials are celebrating the zoo's history, they're also looking forward to some big changes.  

Director Dr. Kyle Burks' 15-20 year plan starts with a 4500 square-foot upgrade to the reptile house.

“Imagine walking past a pond on the outside that follows you along, with water that’s three or four feet deep right next to you in glass,” said Burks. “You can squat down and get eye to eye with fish!” 

Plans include doubling the size of the African Savannah exhibit and adding a special treat for guests.

“A new dining experience where they can sit and overlook a watering hole with giraffes in the background,” Burks explained. 

And that’s not all.

“Imagine a situation where you’re walking along a walkway and a tiger is crossing over your head on, in essence, a pathway where they can walk into another exhibit,” Burks continued.

The transformation will ultimately increase the animal's living quarters by almost sixty percent.

"Another of the things we're planning is a large walk-through aviary,” added Burks. “Visitors will have birds interacting all around them.” 

 Private donors are a critical part of the 75-million dollar upgrade.

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