Repurposed Bay Bridge Scrap Into Art

Authorities gave away tons of scrap steel from the dismantled San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to people who will transform the material into art. The San Francisco Chronicle said two artists arrived Friday in Oakland to obtain around 35 tons each of struts and rusty beams stockpiled when the eastern span of the bridge of the bridge was demolished and rebuilt. The bulk of the steel was sold to Asian scrapyards, but the California Department of Transportation retained approximately 450 tons with the notion of giving it to sculptors to make public art.

Getty Images

San Franciscan Katy Boynton said she’ll use her steel to make a giant wind chime and a parking lot barrier at Pier 3 in San Francisco. Tom Laughlin received 36 tons of steel trusses; he plans to make a Stonehenge-like creation.


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