CA State Lawmaker, Police Support Bill Preventing Cooperation With ICE

The man behind the plan to make California a sanctuary state joined current and former law enforcement officials from around the state and the former U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, to talk about why they believe the federal government should handle immigration enforcement.

Holder, now being retained for legal advice by the California Senate, says he sent a memo to the current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, which outlines Holder's reasons for believing SB-54-- the bill banning local police from engaging in immigration enforcement-- is Constitutional and not preempted by federal law.  "Our legal analysis is comprehensive, and it is clear," Holder said during a Monday news conference. "Under the United States Constitution, states have the power over the health and safety of their residents and the allocation of state resources."

Law enforcement officials show support for SB54.  Photo by Ryan Harris, KFBK

The people speaking at this news conference, including L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck, and Sacramento Police Captain James Beezley, repeatedly said there is a need for trust from everyone in the community, including immigrants, for law enforcement to be effective.  "Crimes may go unreported for the fear of deportation.  Criminals may not be apprehended.  More victims may suffer," said Beezley.  "Quite simply, our communities may well become less safe and not more safe."Republicans argue the bill does not do enough to keep violent criminals locked up and that it forces immigration agents into neighborhoods, which they say actually puts more families at risk of deportation.

See the full news conference below.

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