Sacto Police Review Commission Members Announced

Mayor Darrell Steinberg and the Sacramento City Council have appointed eleven residents to a newly formed commission charged with evaluating the city's police department.

Members of the Sacramento Community Police Reivew Commission will serve as advisors, making recommendations to both to the Police Chief and City Council on Police Department procedures and programs.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg says the additional transparency will be good for both the community and the police department.  "I believe we have an outstanding police department," said Mayor Steinberg. "The vast majority of men and women do a great job of protecting the public in the right way.  It's also outstanding because we're not afraid to shed light on areas where there's need for improvement."

Among those appointed to 4-year terms on the commission are 21-year old American River College student Sam Kinsey of Del Paso Heights and Basim El-karra of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.  "It's a commission that reflects the diversity of Sacramento," according to Mayor Steinberg.

List of Commissioners and Who Appointed Them:

  • Wendy Hoyt (Mayor Darrell Steinberg)
  • Sam Kinsey (Mayor Darrell Steinberg)
  • Mariana Sabeniano (Mayor Darrell Steinberg)
  • Basim Elkarra (District 1, Councilwoman Angelique Ashby)
  • Johnny Coleman (District 2, Councilman Allen Warren)
  • Kiran Savage-Sangwan (District 3, Councilman Jeff Harris)
  • Mario Guerrero (District 4, Councilman Steve Hansen)
  • Eddie Escobar (District 5, Councilman Jay Schenirer)
  • Erandi Zamora (District 6, Councilman Eric Guerra)
  • Richard Falcon (District 7, Councilman Rick Jennings)
  • Renee Carter (District 8, Councilman Larry Carr)

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