Local Animal Shelter Promotes 4th Of July Adoptions

Officials at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter say the facility is overrun with adoptable pets, including dogs, cats and rabbits.  That is why the shelter is conducting an Independence Day weekend celebration and encouraging the public to “Add Some Sparkle to Their Life” by adopting a shelter pet in July. Dogs, cats and rabbits are only $25 to adopt throughout the entire month.

Photo courtesy Bradshaw Animal Shelter Facebook

The adoption fee include spaying or neutering, microchipping, licensing and the animals first round of vaccinations.   According to a spokesperson for the shelter, those services can cost $200 or more at some private veterinary facilities. 

"Our dog, cat and rabbit kennels are currently at or near capacity and we are taking in more animals every day – particularly around the Independence Day holiday," said Dave Dickinson with the shelter. "In order to maintain the care and wellbeing of our shelter pets, we are offering this adoption promotion to find loving homes for our pets."

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