Butte County ‘Wall Fire’ Warrants Evacuations

A fire burning in Butte County quickly exploded under gusty, hot conditions Friday. The blaze grew overnight and Sunday to more than 5,000 acres. At least 10 homes and other buildings have been destroyed. It's called the Wall Fire and it started around 3pm Friday north of Bangor.

Evacuation orders and warnings are in place:

Evacuation orders:

  • Oro Bangor Highway from Swedes Flat Road to Avocado Road, including all connection roads and areas.
  • All areas west of Miners Ranch Road from the intersection of Highway 162 to Oro-Bangor Highway., including the Oaks mobile home park, Mt. Ida Road, Skyline Blvd. and Oakvale Ave.
  • All areas south of Highway 162 from the intersection of Miners Ranch Road to Oakvale Ave.
  • All areas east of Oakvale Ave. from Highway 162 to Miners Ranch Road including Oro Bangor Highway
  • All areas north and south from the intersection of Highway 162 and Forbestown Road to Black Bart Road.
  • All areas east of Miners Ranch Road and Highway 162 (Olive Highway) and Oro Bangor Highway to Swedes Flat Road.
  • All areas west of Robinson Mill from Forbestown Road to La Porte Road.

Evacuation Warnings:

  • All areas north of Highway 162 from Miners Ranch Road to Glen Drive/Oro Quincy Highway
  • All areas east of Oro Dam Blvd. from Highway 162 to Lake Oroville, including Canyon Drive and Longview Drive.
  • All areas east of the follow roads: Arbor Ave. from Highway 162, Hillsdale Ave., Edgewood Ave., Pinedale Ave., Foothill Blvd. to Oro-Bangor Highway, Oro-Bangor Highway from Foothill Blvd. to Lower Wyando, Upper Palermo Rd. to the intersection of South Villa Rd.

  • All areas north of South Villa / Grubbs Road from the intersection of Upper Palermo to Dunston Rd.

  • Oro Bangor Highway from Miners Ranch Road, south and west to Dunstone Road
  • Miners Ranch Road to Oro Bangor Highway west to Oakvale Avenue, including the Oaks and Skyline Blvd.

Fire in Mediterranean region.Getty Images

There is an evacuation center at the Church of the Nazarene in Oroville. The Salvation Army has meal service for those using the evacuation center. A small animal shelter has opened for those evacuating at Old County Hospital. Butte County Officials are saying if you can't take your large animals, leave them in open pastures; don't lock them in a barn.

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