Jellyfish Invade Monterey Bay Waters

Massive invasions of jellyfish have invaded the waters of Monterey Harbor. Officials of the Monterey Bay Aquarium said after an absence of four years, recent prime oceanic conditions have been ideal to bring the species back by the thousands. Comprised of mainly Brown Sea Nettles, the stinging schools are a welcome sight, signaling a healthy and normal sign of the ecosystem. The jellyfish dine on fish larvae and plankton, and in turn, become food for sunfish and sea turtles.

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Aquarium spokespersons indicated they shut down their sea water intake pipes after the valves became clogged by the slippery fish. They also warned people who are thinking of taking a swim in the water near the boat launch area, should wear a wetsuit as the sea creatures’ sting is akin to a bee sting followed by a burning hot sensation.


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